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Same floor with a mud set

 The repair was better than the original job

The was a seam in the granite that someone tried to fix incorrectly

 Here is our finished job

ESP put granite in the kitchen. Please don't ask how we got the slab piece in with no seams.

Water damage from the  outside. The clay had a stain and may not come back to its new state.  This is the most porice, and soft surface you can buy

Clay pavers are not always the best choice

 This is an enhancing  sealer that dried too fast, when it was applied in the hot sun.  The  whiter tiles were not wiped off fast enough, leaving the tile to turn  white.  This can also happen when there is moisture in the tiles,  a  sealer applied, and the moister can not escape. As you can see in this  photo, the lower right shows staining, to which this tile is  susceptible.  The top right view shows that the perimeter is cracking,  and starting to attain fungi


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