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About ESP/Environmentally Safe Products and Procedures CA Lic. 508842

surfaceWe here at ESP take pride in the service we provide, cleaning, sealing, re-grouting and repairing tile and natural stone. We make marble, granite, limestone, travertine and terrazzo look better then new! Unique in our industry is our level of customer service.  We pride ourselves on being on time, completing the job as promised, protecting the surfaces in the homeowners home while we work and most important being there for your questions after the job is done.  And ESP has been stopping leaks in showers for over 23 years now.

Our unique take on tile and stone restoration to provide environmentally safe products and procedures stem from our owner, David Bonasera’s  background.  David started his experience in environmental issues back in the late 80's and early 90's in the west side of Los Angeles and Orange County areas by doing stone work and environmental indoor air quality inspection.  (David was one of the top indoor air quality inspectors in Southern California).  During that time David also studied the geological properties of stone to determine why and how installation should be done and how to fix the stone or tile that has been installed incorrectly, coming up with procedures to refinish and protect natural tile and stone. His concern for the environment was the drive behind hosting a cable talk show (Environmental Concerns with David Bonasera) for ten years raising questions on bay area issues with local citizens and politicians.

That is why the company is called Environmentally Safe product and Procedures. Better known throughout this country as ESP. The hardest part of the job is after the check clears, that's when the attention to the client is most important. We hear it every day, “they won't call me back!”  But we do! Cleaning and sealing tile and stone is easy to do, though not so easy to do correctly?  Using the right products and techniques is what we at ESP are known for.  The hard thing is getting the right information to the customer on how to maintain it, so we offer the environmentally safe products to use and provide the proper procedures on how to take care of natural tile and stone after the job is done (Most clients are also surprised by the extended warranty we offer with our services).  Through monthly newsletters we keep our clients informed with helpful maintenance tips, spotlight care products and industry news.

David's experience and passion for stone has brought him to not only to be a national speaker as a tile and stone consultant, he is also an investigator and volunteer at the Cal State board of contractors with others writing the test for the C-54 test (Tile, stone and fabrication areas).


In addition his way of doing business comes from his extensive background in touring and building large rock n roll productions.  During his years in entertainment David was a Rodie, lighting designer and ran four departments for the largest light touring company in the world.  The work ethic of “the show must go on” and always be prepared for anything has transferred to complete the job on time and as promised plus always keep your supplies stocked.

Our team at ESP’s goal is to not to go fast but to do the job right and then we make sure that the client can call for any information or concerns.

ESP sells three lines of environmentally safe products: Stone Pro, Magic Al’s and Better Bio.  Better Bio has been tested and approved by USDA and is 80% food grade. So you might say that David Bonasera and ESP are still 5 years ahead of green.  We are proud to offer these fine cleaning and sealing products at our location and on the web at http://espsales.net

Integrity and Service is our motto. Put us to work for you!



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