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The selection of tiles can be made from many different  types, including natural stone to man made, i.e. ceramic, porcelain,  Mexican, quarry, and concrete. There are more than eight thousand  marbles, and more than three thousand granites from which to choose.  Making a decision can be confusing and frustrating.

When choosing tile or stone, it's important to check  for its maintenance and safety. For example, highly polished tile, or  stone, in a high-traffic area would not be appropriate, as it would be  slippery, causing potential injury.

It can be confusing when trying to pick out natural  stone. For more specific information on the individual stones, refer to  the Moe scale. This will help you determine several particular  characteristics.

It is important to thoroughly research any type of  tile, stone, ceramic, granite, or marble. Most tile stores will have  samples. However, the best way to determine that you will be pleased  with your choice is to set out a minimum of 4-6 tiles, or perhaps a full box. This will allow the opportunity to view the overall look of your design.

Note: Not all tile stores will be able to loan you a box of tiles to get the real picture.

The intention of this web site is to provide information for you to make better choices, and protect your investment.



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